Stammbaum  Baghira of-bella-nox

                  Champion                                  Intern.Campion

      Vanilla Ice of Loveliness                     Levaihcoons Ultimo

Baghira of-bella-nox

Levaihcoons Ultimo  MCO  black/white

Langstteich`s Camouflage             MCO black- silver- classic tabby/white

Langstteich`s P`Non Plus Ultra                              MCO    blue smoke

Langstteich`s CC.O`Predicat                                      MCO blue smoke

H.T.Exclusiv Atlantica                                                 MCO    blue-creme smoke

Langstteich`s Melrose                                            MCO   black -silver- mackerel tabby/white

Langstteich`s Leonardo                                             MCO    blue-silver clasic tabby

Tammany`s Made in Haven                                        MCO    black smoke/white

Ch.                                 Pharadiseisland`s Bluemingdale   MCO     blue

Racoone`s Gringo                                                 MCO    black- classic tabby

Gr.Int.Ch.Racoone`s Don Juan                                  MCO       black classic tabby

Racoon`s Dragana                                                     MCO    black-patched classic tabby

Charity of Cats Cradle                                          MCO   black- tortie smoke/white

World Ch. King of Lion`s G-Kir Royal                         MCO    cameo classic tabby/white

King of Lion`s M-Raschka                                          MCO      black silver patched classic/white

Vanilla Ice of Loveliness                    MCO    red-silver classic tabby

Nightingale`s Armani of Loveliness   MCO   red-silver classic tabby/white

Overlord Sparrow                                                   MCN       black/white

Overlord Nutchezz                                                      MCO   black-tabby classic

Overlord Exotica                                                         MCO    14-53-1-2-8 

Klaire of Nightingale                                               MCO      red-silver classic tabby

Int.Ch. Al Capone of Chamberlain                             MCO     red-silver-tabby classic

CH. Hillerx of Nightingale                                            MCO   14-3-1-0-8

Nightingales Miss Money Penny of Loveliness                                       MCO   black silver classic torbie

Int.Ch. Wildwillows Sisco Two Stars                        MCO    black- classic tabby

Ch. Wildwillows Jumpin`Jack Flash                             MCO     black-mackerel-tabby

Koontucky Shannandoah of Wildwillow                       MCO  black-classic tabby

Ch. Varina of Nightingale                                       MCO  black-silver-torbie classic

Int.Ch. Al Capone of Chamberlain                              MCO   red-silver-tabby classic

Ch. Nigy of Nightingale                                               MCO  black-classic tabby